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CRISIS: America’s Youth Is TROUBLED Teens Nearly Kill Autistic Boy, Forced Him To Take Drugs & Alcohol

America's young generation is violent and influenced by evil!
Kandiss Taylor joins guest host Paul Harrell to detail the horrendous abuse of a 19-year-old autistic young man, Trent Lehrkamp, and the deteriorating condition of our youth.
Trent was picked up from home by some school friends from Glynn Academy High School, Georgia, where Trent recently graduated.
What Trent hoped to be a "casual time with friends" turned into a near-death experience, in which he was force fed alcohol, hallucinogenics, and covered in spray paint.
He spent hours barely conscious, and was later strapped to a plastic chair where he was sprayed in the face with a water hose, and allegedly urinated on by the group.
After the group of teens had their way with Trent, they delivered him in critical condition to the nearest ER, and proceeded to evacuate the scene before police arrived.
Trent's abuse is a perfect demonstration of what occurs in the American youth when they concentrate on the immoral, godless ideals perpetuated by the media and politicians.
This generation is lost and in need of leadership, and America is in no condition to responsibly raise prosperous, God-fearing men and women!
In Nashville, we have witnessed the manifestation of mental illness take out its wrath on unsuspecting citizens, as the transgender shooter deeply fought with her identity and emotional/mental wellbeing.
Media fed her lies, and it drove her to the edge when she needed the guidance of God.
Kandiss firmly believes that we are facing a mental health crisis in which the only cure is Jesus Christ - amen!
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1 year ago

There’ll be no arrests, cause they all worship satan. There’s only one way to resolve that permanently. Give your life to Christ and he’ll protect you, whether you live or die, your spirit will be ok. This life is truly temporary – heaven awaits you.

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