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Illegal Immigrants OVERWHELM New York: Protests ERUPT As ILLEGALS Put CHILDREN In DANGER

Illegals are being shipped into New York, and are beginning to overpopulate America's once great cities!
LeeRoy Press is welcomed to the show to share how big the threat of illegals invading really is.
With the initiatives to ship gang members and migrants into the States, we're running out of space for these illegals, and are sending them to bunk in schools amidst school children.
Coney Island, known in part for its drugs and gun violence, has been a victim to this deliberate, facilitated invasion - which has only resulted in a severe escalation of crime and violence.
These schools receiving the migrants already have safety and drug problems circulating in their system, and now they're required to babysit illegals next to school kids.
Cartel members who are known for turning entire communities into drug-run towns, are being placed in the same facilities as our children - and us Americans are expected to comply!
Our government believes that if Americans desire to begin deporting illegals, Americans should be the ones to fund the initiatives with our taxpayer dollars.
The feds want us to fund our own demise - they want us to fund the very government who opened our borders to invaders willingly!
Marines, Air Force, and military personnel are on the streets in NY protecting the migrants, and according to the NYPD that's exactly what they plan to do also.
Its a full scale invasion, facilitated by our own government against its citizens - its treason to the highest degree and must be stopped!
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10 months ago

Stew pls get Katherine Austin Fitts – re: CAFR
Annual Comprehensive Financial Report of NY NY there are billions available to house homeless and process immigrants impeccably, compassionately, legally and deport any criminal element post haste.

10 months ago

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