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Monkeypox RESURGENCE Among Gays: Gays Used As Guinea Pigs To Test EXPERIMENTAL Vaccines

The New York Times is heaping praise on gays for stopping a disease they caused.
Dr. Lee Merritt is here to talk about how the media and elite are conditioning the public to play “disease whack-o-mole”.
It’s a familiar playbook that starts with convincing a group of people who are at risk to get a vaccine.
Decades ago Anthony Fauci pushed Hepatitis vaccines on the gay population and then several months later the AIDS epidemic was in full swing.
The latest psyop is the Marburg virus and some are already claiming the public will need to be vaccinated against it.
The media’s constant coverage of new diseases and new deaths is designed to hide the truth about people dying suddenly from the Covi-19 vaccine bioweapon.
Many new illnesses are likely vaccine induced autoimmune deficiency syndrome.
We must take back the language from the elites who are constantly lying to us.
If someone dies suddenly it should be called “Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome”.
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1 year ago

Several Doctors and scientist warned us that the bio jab would take down people for several years to come and all we must do is remember all the documents and patents and of course the money trail and the fact that the DOD/Military Complex had their hands all over this and maybe they will release a true one but then their own stand a chance to fall pray also so these are simply fear tactics and we can no longer believe any of them because they all are guilty of trying to make all Humanity from every walk of life extinct and will use and promise anything

1 year ago

I think they are dead wrong on the Latino immigrants and yes they are going to be Pis#ed when they realize they have been duked again by Socialist Deceit and will and the Latino community told them before the 2020 elections they will never vote or go along with anything Socialist like and it is all smoke and mirrors and all Humanity has to do is unite and point out the Money Changers creations and Deceptions over and over while they scurry underground to hide in their own safe places and countries continue to fall for their BS throughout History

1 year ago

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1 year ago

Children should not continue going to school to have even their minds poisoned. Homeschool now!

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