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Russia DENOUNCES Big Pharma: China & BRICS DEMAND International JUSTICE For Covid CRIMINALS

Will foreign governments eventually bring Covid criminals to justice?
Karen Kingston is back to talk about recent declarations made by Russia and China announcing the end of United States hegemony.
Did China, Russia, and other nations pressure World Health Organization head Tedros Ghebreyesus to officially end the Covid pandemic?
Russia says they will partner with China to investigate the W.H.O to discover how they certified vaccines for countries across the world without doing proper safety testing.
They also want to know why the W.H.O. was apparently working on behalf of American pharmaceutical companies.
China is still planning to aid the Russian military in their war with Ukraine.
The United States is fighting a proxy war in Ukraine in an effort to cover up human trafficking and corruption.
Russian General Kirillov has criticized the U.S. bioweapon system called “the Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System”.
This system has military applications and can infect populations with diseases like malaria.
The United States is in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention while the world braces for WW3.
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1 year ago

And Putin is listed on the WEF World Leader Graduates of theirs either and by design this was pre planed by even our own

1 year ago

And the Money Changers finger prints are all over this and simply another of their creations as their NAZI Movement during WW2 where they used the
Catholic Church then too and blamed the German People

1 year ago

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Susan Salzman
1 year ago

Stew, you need to run for the President of the United States. You know what’s going on and the candidates don’t.

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