In the Trenches with Teddy Daniels


Weak man Doug Emhoff vows to fight manly men and toxic masculinity. Teddy on OAN to discuss Ukraine, Zelenskyyyyy and pending WW3. All politics is local, Teddy backs incredible conservative school board candidates.
Can Trump really end the war in Ukraine in 24hrs?!? This is the REAL enemy according to POTUS: exposes the truth!!

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11 months ago

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11 months ago

Masculinity removes weak slavery from the picture completely and there is both weaklings and masculinity just like cowards and strong don’t be the lessor stand up and never bow down to anyone especially those useful idiots who breath the same air drink the same water and eat the same foods but because they now are getting more coins to play along are still being poisoned like the rest stupid is as stupid does and even Hitler had those who just played along and then turned into their scapegoats in the end and the GOD Affect always exposes them as it has done in the past

11 months ago

What is so very funny is those who create these things have others do their bidding while they hide in the dark and in their underground safe places while useful idiots take their paper thinking they will be saved and just pure ignorance and the weak at heart body and soul which makes them delusional

11 months ago

I would say the Money Changers are the huge enemies of all Humanity and China too is their Huckleberry now changing places with the US Military for those who claim to be Jews and the JEWS just let them know they won’t play a part and filled their streets and are saying NO MORE and all Humanity should be United with them not the imposters like openly admitted NAZI player G. Soros

11 months ago

Only a Moron promotes a Trump return when it was Trump who kicked off this entire NWO and One World Religion it was Trump who signed the Emergency act and Warp Speed to kick it all off and only a moron forgets those facts and they should watch the Youtube Video of Robert Kennedy Jr. way back when he said he met with Trump and Fauci was Present about the Vaccines and asked him to join their new vaccine team but he refused and told him if he wanted to fix that to open up donations to private industry to keep these huge corp. powers monopoly out and that was in 2016 before any outbreak and Trumps Warp Speed

11 months ago

Actually Trump and Fauci met with Robert Kennedy over Vaccines and he said this 2 years ago on Youtube and he told Trump no but to open up private researchers and give them donations to research vaccines and safety way back but Trump took the Fauci directions

10 months ago

Where is our masculine men? Borders wide open and I see no militia or real men down there. I see a lot of traitors down there helping the illegals! Border patrol, police and national guard are ALL committing treason, they aren’t stopping any of this and they r actually enabling it all

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