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Americans BOYCOTT Companies Who Worship LGBT: Woke Corporations REVEL In PAGAN PRIDE MONTH

God blew up two whole cities over gay pride and sodomy.
Mom’s for Liberty chapter leader Scarlett Johnson is here to talk about boycotting Target, Ford, and other woke companies.
The tyrannies of the Covid-19 pandemic had a profound effect on mothers across America.
This awakening didn’t stop at holding school boards accountable and now has spread to protect children from satanic companies.
The month of June is pride month and in the past degenerate corporations focused mostly on gays and lesbians.
However, today the focus is almost exclusively about genital mutilating trans people.
Target is marketing their perverted designs to children and toddlers.
Tuck friendly swimsuits are designed so men who are pretending to be women can hide their penis.
The tuck friendly swimsuits appear to be designed for children.
Target is doubling down and is willing to lose massive sums of money in order to promote the globohomo agenda.
The Corporate Equality Index is being used by investment companies like Blackrock to enact facism across the world.
However, there is hope and Target is on track to lose 1 billion dollars each day.
The ‘momma bear boycott’ will continue to hold debauched companies accountable by exposing their satanic schemes.
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1 year ago

Amazon and Walmart should be next they are these money changers who create this works hand in hand to promote these freak shows one helped create the face recognition tools for control and capture of Humanities minds

1 year ago

A Communist Demoralization tactic placed on Americans to make them show America should be destroyed and the money changers ploy to take everything down for going along you feed their point

1 year ago

And reports say Obama administration ordered over 100 thousand Guillotine to use by order of the Noahide Law Rabbis not to be confused with the Jewish People how love God and Protested and stopped for now their lawlessness they are temporary just more useful idiots

1 year ago

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