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Keys 2 Life EP37: Jennifer McCoy | HER FULL STORY

Our speaker tonight is Jennifer McCoy, and although I could say she is simply a mother, her life as a mother has been anything but simple. She was born and baptized in River Rouge, Michigan in 1972. Her siblings consisted of an older brother and three older sisters as well as one younger sister. Her parents divorced when she was three years old and she lived with and raised by her mother. Although the family was Catholic, no one in the family received much information on how to practice their faith.

She attended the same grade school in River Rouge as her parents went to and continued on through high school to graduation. At 15, while in high school, she got involved with a teacher and made the choice that she wanted to be with him even though he was married and had a family. By 16 she thought the best way to keep him was to have a child with him. So February of 1988 knowingly, willingly and purposely got pregnant.

She wanted a child with him more then anything. But when her mother found out she insisted Jennifer get an abortion, this led to a strong disagreement and moving out of the house was her only solution. A few weeks later her mother had set up an appointment for her and told her it was a routine OB GYN pre-natal exam and check up. The father of her child was asked to drive and escort her during the appointment. She was given forms to fill out for both adoption and abortion to which she told the counselor she didn't need either of these forms. She was then taken back for an ultrasound after which she was not allowed to view the ultrasound, but was told the baby was so small that there would not be anything to see. Then she was taken into an exam room, and after a time the doctor came in he acknowledged that she was there for an abortion and in a few seconds all she remembered was excruciating pain. She heard a machine turn on and tried to get up off the table, but the abortion doctor, doctor Hodari pushed me back and said if you move you could die it'll be over in 5 minutes and I'll be here then you can go on with your life. After that she was a pretty broken human being for a while. The father did stay around her life for awhile. She later found out that her mother had set that up with the Dr. In advance, the father’s mistake was not standing up to her mother. At that point in his life he was a Knight of Columbus and a practicing Catholic. He was sorry right away and he struggled throughout his life over those decisions. Jennifer enlisted in the military in June of1990. And their relationship ended in September of 1990 when she came back from bootcamp. Jennifer had communication with the father but couldn't go back and went on with her life. She ended up in Norfolk where one of her best friends from the Navy Anne Marie got pregnant the same time that she did and she overheard her making an appointment at the clinic. She tried to talk her out of it but her friend went anyway so she went that day after her it was the first time she met anybody on the sidewalk or ever knew that there were courageous people who tried to prevent abortions. Donald Spitz who is a friend of hers still to this day told her where to go to intervene for her friend. Jennifer wasn't involved in church interventions yet or anything similar. But when she went up to the clinic words came out of my mouth that she didn’t know where they came from and they threw her and her friend out of the clinic.

Unfortunately Anne ended up going to another place got a later term abortion that messed her up for a long time. we couldn't even be friends for a bit but we're friends now.

When Alisa was born she met the same Chaplain who helped father Callaway convert (her?) came to the hospital to visit and asked her if she was going to have her daughter baptized, to which at first she answered ‘no’ and that she would let her decide for herself later. He then explained why it was so important and so she decided not only to have her baptized, but to be involved and to learn her faith so she could teach it to her daughter as well as the other children. After that she started going out on sidewalk interventions on a regular basis taking her daughter and her son, Alisa and Andrew with her.

She moved from Norfolk after being discharged from the Navy and by then had three children and the pro-lifers gave her a gold bull horn as a going-away present because she started out as a quiet voice who later became a powerful voice with powerful messages. After moving to Wichita she was charged by federal marshals under Rico laws. Janet Nero and President Clinton came after a few pro-lifers. She was sent to New York, 7 months pregnant with my son Aaron, for 30 days for an evaluation of her. There she met Cardinal O'Connor and he asked Mother Teresa to help her with her case, mother agreed and was able to get Joan Andrews, and attorney John Broderick to help her. They arranged prayer vigils outside the jail and Jennifer could always count on seeing Father Pearson's white hair from her cell. There was quite the incident at the airport when she arrived at LaGuardia but she will tell you herself later.

After she came home she had her son and the case, which took six more months, resulted in a 48 year prison term which was reduced to 30 months. So she had to leave her husband and four children in March of 1997. During her time in prison were able to sidewalk counsel and help many girls Mother Teresa herself , in December of 1997 helped set up an adoption for one of the girls Jennifer counseled in the prison. She was released from jail in 1999 and given three years of probation so she was prevented from intervening at clinics but the day she was able to go back she did. She met Shanel, because of a botched abortion in the first day of 40 days for life 11 years ago, Jameha became her God daughter at 9 after Fr. Gorges gave her instruction .18 years ago she married her best friend John who she met on the sidewalk in front of the clinic . After that so many things have happened as she recently went on my second Rachel's Vineyard retreat, a journey she started 24 years earlier. With the man who she had her first child with. 0n an incredible journey of healing and reconciling with abortions, has faced the devil going into abortion clinic with her newborn Katie who is 11 now Wichita after receiving catechism at the Newman Center from now Bishop Conley but was father Conley in 1996. Learning more about her faith and becoming stronger each day while in prison, Jennifer has fought for and now has testified on heartbeat legislation on record ban abortions.She has been instrumental in shutting down at least eight abortion clinics and stopped one abortionist that had been killing babies for 60 years. Five years ago the Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary Crusade opened the First National pro-life shrine in St. Joe Missouri every mass that is said there is said for a baby and family in particular that are victims of abortion. The blessed mother gave Zac king to our family to help him and fight against the darkness.

She continues to go out to the clinic at least once a week by the grace of God. and has even seen one of the abortionists converted and stopped working there after our Bishop started going out and praying once a year and saying Mass in front of the clinic. she lives in Wichita has 12 children and a husband John. Humbly I submit these events of my life to encourage and strengthen others who may join the fight for life or want to find a place to start. In God's graces I submit this to the blessed mother. And thank the one who wrote this for me.

Ad Majoium Dei Gloriam.

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